What started as a vertical integration solution for paper 75 years ago has today extended to diverse customers across industries such as paint, inks, pharmaceuticals, rubber, oil drilling and textiles

The story of English Indian Clays Limited can be traced back to English explorers Ward and Conner who surveyed Trivandrum in 1891

Starch Story

The starch division at Yamunanagar can trace its origins back to 1937 when Mr Lala Karam Chand Thapar promoted a company by the name of Indian Starch & Chemicals Limited which later became Bharat Starch Industries limited. The agro-based company had its first production facility at Yamunanagar in Haryana and became the first company in the organised sector to enter into starch manufacturing. It has consolidated its market dominance via the ‘Haathi’ brand. In 2001, Bharat Starch Industries became a part of English Indian Clays Limited.

What initially started as a corn wet milling unit with a humble 80 metric tonnes per annum capacity the facility today has an installed base of 80,000 metric tonnes per annum (potato, maize and tapioca). From manufacturing native and modified products primarily for food, paper and textile industries today the business produces a diversified product mix including Maize Starch, IP/BP/PFP, Thintrite, Papyrox, Synthosize, Amylospray, Amylosize, Amylocot, Fiberloc, Bondex, corn Syrup, Maltodextrine, High maltose corn syrup, Fructose corn syrup, Refined corn oil, Gluten, Maize oil cake, Mixed fiber, Corn steep liquor, Texoplast, Carbojet, Jetsize, PGS, Drilling Starch and Aqua Starch. An additional starch facility at Shimoga, Karnataka specialises in the manufacture of value-added modified starches for various industrial applications.