At EICL, we admire and serve Extraordinarily Successful Customers forging long-term relationships that help us understand their problems to develop real solutions and provide real savings.

Our mineral reserves are the life blood of our business and yours. So we mine responsibly.

At EICL, we admire and serve Extraordinarily Successful Customers. We forge long-term relationships with them to understand their challenges and develop real solutions that address these problems. As a latent business problem is made clear to us by our customers, we apply our significant experience in framing the problem in terms of required process parameters and commercial value required. A systematic drive to a commercial solution leads to a specialty chemical product.

We test everything for you. We convert assumptions to facts. We test till ideas either die or rise to reality. Test. Test. Test. And when the solutions finally work, we bet big. And bet strong. For you.

Our sales and marketing teams keep a close watch on existing and potential markets to spot new opportunities and challenges for our minerals. They work closely with customers to understand business problems and then work with the R&D team to develop techno-commercial solutions.



As we gear up to better serve our existing and new customers we are busy building talent and resources in R&D, Applications Development, Operations and Mineral Deposits. We have domain technologists specialising in Paints, Rubber, Plastics, High performance polymers and coatings, Paper technology, Inorganic and organic synthesis, Process simulation, Process optimization, New technology assessment, Construction materials.

We are an ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We continue to invest in technology with R&D facilities located across India, highly qualified research scientists and laboratories that are well-equipped to meet the needs of the market. We hope that you will see us as a boundaryless extension of your business. Ever ready to serve.