At EICL, we admire and serve Extraordinarily Successful Customers forging long-term relationships that help us understand their problems to develop real solutions and provide real savings.

Our mineral reserves are the life blood of our business and yours. So we mine responsibly.

Our reserves of mineral are the life blood of our business and yours. So we mine responsibly. Being supportive of the communities where we mine. Being respectful of the environment where we mine and manufacture. So you can proudly say that materials sourced from EICL are produced responsibly. Even before it was mandated by law, we practised mine reclamation by planting saplings on closed down mines – in fact the first mine we set up has lush green forest cover today.

To us Corporate Social Responsibility is not a fad or a legal obligation, it is aligned to our business philosophy. Some call it enlightened self-interest. So be it.

EICL. From Raw to Real: Real Relationships. Real Solutions. Real Savings.

We have built lasting relationships with the communities we are a part of. They allow us to operate our business in close proximity to where they live.


We make informed decisions every day guided by our values. And we will continue to be environmentally compliant and socially conscious, quietly, humbly.

  • We already have the largest rainwater harvesting system in the region supplying water to about 700 local families in Trivandrum besides meeting a significant portion of the requirements of the plant
  • We have planted over 3500 saplings across our facilities in Kerala
  • Our carbon footprint is also reduced by focusing on waste heat recovery and other energy conservation methods