BCK – Functional filler for High and Medium PVC White and Light colour water based emulsion; As an extender in special paints requiring high gloss and opacity; As an efficient coating pigment in the manufacture of speciality papers; Functional Filler in Newspaper Paste Ink

BCK-Ink – As an extender in news print inks, packaging inks and liquid inks.

BCK L – As an efficient pre-coating pigment in the manufacture of duplex board

BCK SD – As an opacifying filler and for precoating in paper and Board applications, to improve the printability


Centrex 60 - Functional filler in High PVC paint


DLC 80 - Light coating for paper

DLC90 –  Opacifying filler for Medium PVC water based paint; Opacifying filler in Newspaper Paste and Liquid Ink;