Addcol – Dextrin for paper core/tube in adhesive industry

Addcol-C – Ready to use product high coverage with stability for Adhesives

Amylocol –PS – Precooked starch to enhance machine speed having less splashing used in paper sacks for adhesive industry

Amyloflo (ADP-60) - Dusting powder in pharma sector; Non gelling during sterilization surgical gloves at  autoclave temperature & pressure

Amylofloc Series - High DS cationic starch with altered viscosity for ASA & AKD emulsion in wet end application for paper industry

Amylogum C-40/T-25 - Modified Starch used as partial replacer of SBR latex having very high water retention property in paper coating

Amylogyp-10 - Gypsum Board Binder; Excellent binder, fast curing, no stain on surface

Amylojel IP/BP/USP - Tablet Disintegrant; Very low tablet disintegration time

Amylojel-1500 - Multifunctional Starch binder; Partial pre-gelatinised starch as tablet binder, disintegrant, flow modifier & lubricant

Amyloplast Series - Oxidised starch having good film forming properties for surface sizing in paper industry

Amylocot M-75 - Excellent paper to paper black cantered lamination, very high delaminating time for adhesive industry

Aquagel 1220 – Used in soups and sauces as Viscosity modifier, enhance water holding, resist to high shear and low pH

Aquasol 1022 - Act as a batter binder help to reduce oil uptake in Coated fried foods, frozen battered vegetables, fried fish and meat, Dry mix coatings



Paint: Functional filler for High and Medium PVC White and Light colour water based emulsion; As an extender in special paints requiring high gloss and opacity
Paper: As an efficient coating pigment in the manufacture of speciality papers
Inks: Functional Filler in Newspaper Paste Ink

Bondex FD-80/Y-90 – Explosives industry: Wide range binding agent; High binding, high solubility & fast drying

Bondex Y-90 -

Adhesives: Dextrin-based green tack, high yielding product used in Stamps, bookbinding, envelopes
Explosives: Match-head binder; High binding, high solubility & fast drying
Metals: Sand casting binder; High binding, high solubility & fast drying


Carbojet Series - Yarn sizing starch with high flexible film forming properties

Centrex 60 - Functional filler in High PVC paint


DLC 80 - Light coating for paper

DLC90 -

Paints: Opacifying filler for Medium PVC water based paint
Inks: Opacifying filler in Newspaper Paste and Liquid Ink

Drilflo-1008 - Fluid loss control agent for oil well drilling sector

Drilflo-1008 (HT) - Fluid loss control agent with thermal stability for oil well drilling sector

Drilflo-1009 – Fluid loss control agent with high temp high pressure for oil well drilling sector