Natural ingredient for producing Ultramarine

Ultramarine has been a natural pigment that has been in use since the Middle Ages. Premium ultramarine blue is used in all types of laundry while technical and industrial grades for applications in coating, cosmetic, plastic and ink segments. Kaolin has been the traditional raw material to produce ultramarine pigment. It acts as ingredients for forming ultramarine blue pigments, which has dark blue color. Calcined clay acts as ingredient used to make washing powder and liquid blue. Kaolin clay is used as main filler material in all ultramarine blue industries. Metakaolin is an amorphous kaolin produced by calcination of high quality kaolin under controlled conditions.

EICL Products

Himablue –  is a metakaolin used in Ultramarine blue manufacturing, the metakaolin which is reactive in nature and form a complex structure with other ingredients in ultramarine blue formation