Used for wrap sizing, back filing and printing

Starch is widely used for coating of staple fiber yarns made of wool, rayon staple, and linen and for mixtures of these fibers with synthetic fibers. Thin boiling starches make it possible to apply large quantities of weighting materials and to form an elastic, transparent film without affecting the quality of the colours of dyed or printed fabrics. Starch has multiple applications in the textile sector including for pre-treatment, weaving, brighteners, dyeing, pigment printing, finishing agents, inkjet and textile coating.


EICL’s products are used by the Textile/ Jute Industries in wrap sizing, finishing, back filling and printing. Our Native Starch is manufactured from selected good quality corn with high brightness and low ash content.

They are used in textile yarn sizing. These products have a proven track record for sizing application and are also used as the major ingredient of the size recipe. These products impart the required mechanical strength properties to the yarns to ensure hassle free weaving process even in high speed air jet looms. These products have GOTS certification from Control Union Certifications, Netherlands.


Carbojet - Yarn sizing starch with high flexible film forming properties

Printose - Caboxymethyl starch enhances colour fastness in printing for textiles

Sizelon 5 - Ecofriendly modified starch-based yarn sizing agent suitable for cotton and all its blends

Sizelon 10 -  Ecofriendly starch-based yarn sizer suitable for cotton, viscose and polyester blends

Sizelon C - Ecofriendly starch-based yarn sizer suitable for cotton, viscose and polyester blends

Sizelon T – Single shot yarn sizing free from PVA

Texoplast – Starch-based yarn sizer with multiple applications for cotton and blends

Thintrite 15 – Modifed starch-based yarn sizing agent