Processed kaolin products directly enhances cement, and High Reactivity Metakaolin is a value- added Concrete Ad-mixture

Kaolin upon calcination (subjected to heat treatment to drive off bound moisture) under controlled temperatures, is transformed into an amorphous phase which is termed as ‘meta-kaolin’. The formed meta-kaolin when added to concrete or mortar as an add-mixer, imparts enhanced compressive and flexural strength and water permeability to concrete. In practice 5-25% meta-kaolin augments cement to provide high strength and quick setting concrete mixtures. Water permeability imparted is useful in prolonging the durability of concrete; calcined kaolin also adds flexibility, which is often preferred to the usually brittle finished product.

High Performance Concrete (HPC) imparts key properties of high compressive strength, low permeability and shrinkage. These properties of HPC can be modified to meet a variety of applications by controlling the size distribution and calcination temperature. HPC is useful for numerous applications such as bridge building, marine structures and buildings in corrosive environments to highlight a few.


High Reactivity Metakaolin is now established as a value-added Concrete Ad-mixture is being increasingly used in the developed countries in place of traditional pozzolanic materials like Silica Fume/ Micro Silica. EICL metakaolin product is a highly effective pozzolanic admixture which provides high compressive strength, increases chemical resistance, and reduces the drying shrinkage, efflorescence, and permeability. It is now being widely used in the following areas of application in pre-cast elements for high rise buildings, high-performance concrete, marine & chemical resistant structures.

EICL has been producing Metakaolin for the concrete industry for over a decade now and we have been exporting regularly to UAE, Kuwait and Germany for the last many years.


Himacem – Ad mixture in Concrete; High Reactivity Metakaolin is now established as a value- added Concrete Ad-mixture Provide high compressive strengths and Reduce permeability of Concrete and reducing the penetration of Chloride ions to reinforcing steel