Used as excipient

Starch and starch derivatives are widely used excipients in the pharmaceutical industry and are frequently used in oral solid dosage forms such as tablets. Maize Starch is used as a dusting media for various type of coating as well as binder & amp; filler for capsules & tables. It is widely accepted in the areas of Dry granulation techniques where active ingredient are hygroscopic and is difficult to dry after wet binding. Maize Starch has proved to be an efficient dry binder. Liquid glucose finds use in the pharmaceutical industry for providing body and consistency with mild sweetness to cough syrups and other syrups or suspensions.


Pharma grade Maize Starch is a premier product used in various applications in Pharmaceutical industries. It is manufactured from carefully selected grains with controlled feeding to the system maintaining hygienic condition throughout the process to control microbiological load.  It has very low bacterial count as compared to Native Starch.


Amyloflow(ADP-60) – Dusting powder in pharma sector; Non gelling during sterilization surgical gloves at  autoclave temperature & pressure

Amylojel IP/BP/USP – Tablet Disintegrant; Very low tablet disintegration time

Amylojel-1500 – Multifunctional Starch binder; Partial pre-gelatinised starch as tabletbinder, disintegrant, flow modifier & lubricant

Maize Starch IP – Tablet binder; High quality product as per Indian, British and United State pharmacopeia