Kaolin is used as a coating in paper to enhance glossiness and opacity, and to improve the printability.

Kaolin is the most extensively used additive in the manufacturing of paper, primarily as a filler and coating. Kaolin is combined with wood pulp or fiber to generate substantially more paper filler, and thus more paper. It is a cost effective alternative to all wood paper filler, which has become more expensive as demand for paper increases and supply of wood decreases. Kaolin’s primary competition in fillers is calcium carbonate which, though more affordable, has less dramatic results. The particle size of kaolin plays an important role in fillers and coatings as larger particles provide added strength to paper. Kaolin coatings improve paper appearance, giving it varying degrees of gloss, smoothness, brightness, opacity and most importantly printability. Three aspects of kaolin that shape these characteristics are purity, rheology and particle geometry. Kaolin improves printability by providing added ink absorption, ink pigment holdout, lowering linting tendency and increasing roughness.


The significant properties of EICL kaolin such as controlled particle size distribution, platy particle shape, low viscosity and non-abrasiveness enable the usage of Kaolin in paper filling and coating application. The regular grades are used as filler and for precoats enhancing the opacity and whitenes and providing the right basics to build on. The fine hydrous kaolin are used for premium paper coating application delivering excellent print characteristics and rheology.

EICL Products

Hibrite – As an efficient coating pigment in high gloss papers

KCG L – As a filler in Newsprint / Writing & Printing Paper to impart very good opacity

KCG P – As a coating pigment in the manufacture of coated papers and boards and also as a

filler or loading material

Himacot- Ideal pigment for pre coat application, imparts very high opacity and improves printability & ink absorption of coated paper

BCK – As an efficient coating pigment in the manufacture of speciality papers.

DLC 80- Light coating

DLC 90- Lightweight coating

High gloss – As a superior coating pigment in the manufacture of speciality papers and paperboards

Super coat - Top coat in Boards, Paper

SG 90 – Top coat in Boards, Paper

Super gloss – Top coat in Boards, Paper

Himafil – Paper filling

Himafine – Top coat in boards

BCK L – As an efficient pre-coating pigment in the manufacture of duplex board

BCK SD – As an opacifying filler and for precoating in paper and Board applications, to improve the printability

Centrex 60 – The controlled particle size makes it suitable as an efficient filler in writing and printing paper making and duplex board manufacturing.

KCG SD – As filler in paper making and in coating as precoat in duplex board.