Maize starch used a thickener and as an emulsifier in sauces and puddings

Starch, modified starch and starch derived products are used extensively in the food and confectionary industry. Both modified and unmodified starches act as gelling agents in confectionery applications. Some of these gelling starches (sourced from maize, potato, and tapioca) can also be used to partially replace/complement gelatin in gummy-type candies where a softer, less chewy/ less elastic texture is desired. Starches and starch-based products (E.g.; maltodextrins), can also be used as texturizing agents in chewy-type candy. Corn Oil is also used as an ingredient in the food industry. Refining process of corn oil gives it excellent frying qualities and imparts resistance to smoking or discolouration, which is of great value to consumers. It has good taste, resists developing off-flavours and offers high levels of polyunsaturated fats instead of saturated fats. Hence corn oil is effective in lowering the blood cholesterol levels.

EICL Products

Glucopep - Excellent food preservative, also called corn syrup or liquid glucose.

High Maltose Corn Syrup – Used as a liquid adjunct to brewing industry and also used as major ingredient in manufacture of clear candies.

Malto Dextrine Syrup - Used as a bodying agent, thickener and flavour retainer in food industry. It does not crystallize or thin down on prolonged storage.

Refined Corn Oil – Used as an additive in infant foods to increase its nutritional value

Acquagel 1220 — Used in soups and sauces as Viscosity modifier, enhance water holding, resist to high shear and low pH

Acquasol 1022 – Act as a batter binder help to reduce oil uptake in Coated fried foods, frozen battered vegetables, fried fish and meat, Dry mix coatings

Native Maize starch – Excellent dusting powder for confectionary segment