Kaolin increases strength and improves electrical resistance at lower cost

Metakaolin is used in Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) cables to improve the electrical performance in low and medium voltage formulations. Calcined kaolin and silane surface modified kaolin improves electrical resistance at lower cost. Electrical resistance of PVC is improved by fillers that are hydrophobic. Calcined kaolin is a preferred filler in PVC as it gives hydrophobicity. Generally, finer the particle size of the kaolin, better the physical properties of all polymers. Fine particle kaolin increases impact strength of plastics, especially in PVC cables and wires.


EICL has meta-kaolin grade for use in PVC cable insulations to improve the volume resistance in medium and high voltage cables.


Himapol and Himacab grades are recommended for use in insulating compounds to attain Volume resistivity of the order of 1014 ohms or above.