What started as a vertical integration solution for
paper 75 years back is today an innovative, specialty chemicals company serving customers across diverse industries.

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EICL Starch

The starch division at Yamunanagar can trace its origins back to 1937 when Mr Lala Karam Chand Thapar promoted a company by the name of Indian Starch & Chemicals Limited which later became Bharat Starch Industries limited. It consolidated its market dominance via the ‘Haathi’ brand and in 2001, Bharat Starch Industries became a part of English Indian Clays Limited.

EICL has its starch facilities at Yamunanagar in Haryana and Shimoga in Karnataka with a total installed capacity of 80,000 metric tonnes/annum. Both these facilities are located on nearly 80 acres of land and include production, well-equipped R&D labs and QA/QC labs with highly qualified research scientists and technologists.

Starch-derived products manufactured at EICL cater to diverse industries from food & confectionery to oil drilling to pharmaceuticals and textiles. The Yamunanagar facility is the country’s first starch plant set up to cater to the first paper plant. Processes here include includes wet corn milling plant, manufacturing of native starch & allied products, manufacturing of modified starch for paper, textile, pharmaceuticals and oil drilling among other sectors. The Shimoga plant manufactures modified starches for textiles, paper, oil well drilling, adhesives and coal & ore binder.

Starch Process_Use in EICL Starch

Types of Starch Products

Chemically, starches are polysaccharides that consist of repeating glucose units. Starch molecules have one of two molecular structures: a linear structure, known as amylose; and a branched structure, known as amylopectin. Amylose and amylopectin associate through hydrogen bonding and arrange themselves radially in layers to form granules. Starches from different sources vary from one another in the following ways–each of which may affect performance.

Native starch, corn gluten, corn fibre, corn steep liquor, oil cake, corn germ oil, corn syrups/converted products, sugar alcohol/Polyols, dextrins and modified starches are just some types.

Applications of EICL Starch Products

Starch, dextrose, and corn syrup play major roles in cooking, cleaning, medicines, and other industrial products.

  • Wet-end Additives, Surface Sizing and Coating Binders for Paper Industry.
  • Adhesives for Paper Sack/ Packaging Industry
  • Starches for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Syrups for Confectionery, Food & Beverage Industry
  • Yarn Sizing, Printing & Finishing for Textile Industry
  • Starches for Oil well Drilling Industry